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Food For Families
American Income Life Campaigns for Food for Families

The mission of Food for Families is to positively impact and support communities.

The organization helps feed hundreds of thousands of hungry families year round. Food For Families has raised more than $20 million and donated more than 10 million pounds of dry groceries to food banks in our communities

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American Income Life Supports Charity, Scholarships, and Giving

Giving is the heart of American Income Life Insurance Company. Giving back to our communities has been vital to the tremendous success our company has experienced. In fact, giving permeates every facet of American Income Life and our subsidiary company, National Income Life Insurance Company, both in our dedication to our policyholders and our giving to numerous charity organizations. It is this charity that has awarded us the trust and loyalty of our policyholders and the respect of the community.

The culture of philanthropy began with American Income Life's creation, as company founder Bernard Rapoport realized his vision to create a company to help working families in America. Born to Russian immigrants, Rapoport grew up amidst poverty, adversity, and a car accident that left him bedridden for a year and a half. With role model parents and an eagerness to make life better for others, Rapoport and his wife created The Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation in 1986. Since then, the foundation has given more than $40 million in grants to "improve the social fabric of life." It contributes to education, arts and culture, health and human service, and civic participation.*

Following in the footsteps of its founder's philanthropic spirit, American Income Life contributes to organizations that research, analyze, and offer solutions on fair trade, good jobs, healthcare reform, workers' rights, education, environmental sustainability, and electing fair-minded candidates. Our giving to labor union and working-family causes is evident by our contributions to these organizations.

Some additional ways in which American Income Life Giving and National Income Life offer community service are:

• Scholarships for students of working families
• Rallying in public to protect working people and their families
• Visiting our policyholders' homes and supporting food banks for our policyholders who fall on hard times
• Strike and layoff premium waivers for our policyholders
• Volunteering as tutors in Waco, Texas

To American Income Life, charity giving has always been a fundamental component of who we are as an insurance company. We strive to improve the lives of the people we serve, and we hope our generosity makes a positive impact on communities throughout the world.


American Income Life Giving Causes


Organizations that advocate for the causes American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies believe in deserve our support. See the list of Advocacy Organizations to which AIL has contributed.

Community Service

Serving the community has always been a top priority for American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies. Read the list of Community Service Organizations to which AIL has contributed.

Workers Rights

Preserving workers' rights is the ultimate mission of American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies. View a list of Workers' Rights Organizations to which AIL has contributed.


Education is the backbone of every able community, and American Income Life’s strong belief in its power has never wavered. See list of Education Organizations to which AIL has contributed.

Research & Policy Institutes

At American Income Life, we believe that research is vital to the progress of employment policy and working conditions. See the list of Research and Policy Institutes to which AIL has contributed.

Other Organizations

See the list of other organizations to which American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies have contributed.